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Saturday, October 01st, 2011 | Author: jpavilla

Today my brother and sister-in-law came over to share an awesome story. My sister-in-law Nicole is training to run a marathon in October which supports leukemia. Nicole works for Jimmy Beans Wool an online yarn company and each month they come out with a limited edition color. Each color represents a theme or special event. This month they decided to dedicate a color to my journey and the marathon Nicole and Sharon (friend/coworker) are about to run.

How cool is that?! They named it “That’s How I Roll”

They brought over some of the yarn and it is really soft! Maybe I should learn to knit myself a blanket :)

If you want to check it out you can head over to Jbw.com


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Wednesday, June 01st, 2011 | Author: jpavilla

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone! Everyone that has given me dinners, everyone that has attended fundraisers, everyone that has given blood, everyone for all things! Billinghurst has been there helping with hat days and basketball fundraisers etc. And they presented a large sum of donations not once but twice with one more check coming, and the fundraiser at cloud 9 farm was a huge success!!! I want to give special thanks to crofts for putting it together and to all the helpers they successfully made $17,600 and counting!! Another special thanks to the kositzins for helping out and doing as much as you have!! I can’t thank everyone enough, I love u all!!

Bighorn Thanks

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Awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 | Author: jpavilla

I wanna say thank you to everyone that came to the fundraiser, I had an awesome time!! Raised an unbelievable amount of money that’s gonna help more then anyone knows, although the money is alot the love I got was priceless <3 love u all and thank you!!

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Spring break!!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 | Author: jpavilla

Sorry for not updating as much as I could everyone but thanks for all the love and prayers and gifts (thanks brandon ;D) haha but to let the people know that dont, I am in my Maitinence phase!! Horay! Chemo treatments is down to once a month!! And the chemo is no bigger then 2 syringes full wich means a gazillion times less throwing up! But there are 3 times as many pills, but who cares!! :) … Me and the fam are at Bodega bay SF for spring break and it is pretty awesome, there are crazy star fish and sea creatures and crabs and stuff all over the beach at low tide and the cliffs here are unbelievable… So now I won’t be so sick I’ll try and update more… Love u all!!

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