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Saturday, October 01st, 2011 | Author: jpavilla

Today my brother and sister-in-law came over to share an awesome story. My sister-in-law Nicole is training to run a marathon in October which supports leukemia. Nicole works for Jimmy Beans Wool an online yarn company and each month they come out with a limited edition color. Each color represents a theme or special event. This month they decided to dedicate a color to my journey and the marathon Nicole and Sharon (friend/coworker) are about to run.

How cool is that?! They named it “That’s How I Roll”

They brought over some of the yarn and it is really soft! Maybe I should learn to knit myself a blanket :)

If you want to check it out you can head over to Jbw.com


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  1. grammaw says:

    My family continues to amaze me!JP has been an inspiration for all of us this past year,with his Faith and determination.He has made us so proud of who he is and how he handles the unexpected.His family has been an amazing tower of strength and support.His sisters and brothers have reminded us all how deep love is.Now our little Nicole proceeds with the daunting task of a grueling Marathon in San Francisco,the city of steep hills!I am humbled by all my children!

  2. grammaw says:

    We just returned from a few days with the Reno Avillas.JP was very excited about Halloween and spent most of his energy on setting up a REALLY scary spook house in their front porch area.It turned out awesome!
    While there,I heard a story I want to share with you.It shows where their hearts are on a daily basis.This is a family that has had some tough breaks,but they continue to focus on the positive and still can think of others.
    Last week,when they were on their way to cancer treatment at Davis Medical Center,the weather was really cold over the mountain and there was much road construction going on.Along the way,they were stopped for traffic control by a flag person.While sitting there,waiting for clearance to proceed,JP realized the flag person was freezing cold out there.He rolled down his window and gave her his very warm,very special 49er sweat jacket.A random act of kindness that brings tears to old Grammaws’ eyes.These are special people we call our family.God bless them